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Beyoncé vs. Lady Gaga (May) July 12, 2010

Posted by lisameesakasi in Music.
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Grrr. I don’t know why everyone is freaking out over how Beyoncé [1] is ‘copying’ Lady Gaga. I mean, come on. Lady Gaga and Beyoncé both have totally different musical styles (even though they’re both pop artists), and the way they present themselves is totally different as well. Gaga is this ‘out-of-this-world, unique, crazy, outlandish’ character, and she flaunts it! She bloody flashed her bejayjay in ‘Telephone.’ And Beyoncé, she’s a wholesome, fierce, and kind person, and a serious role model to many girls and women the world around. Who doesn’t feel welcomed by that warm/cheeky laugh of hers?

I love both Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, both as the people they present themselves as to the world, and as serious artists… you could argue that they are not serious artists, merely glammed up lyric-retarded (come on, disco stick?) divas, but hey, they sing like crazy, dance like crazy, and well, they’ve made it as world renowned and recognisable singers and performers (one report I read stated that Beyoncé crowd-surfed during a free-for-fans gig at the O2 Arena, London). I love their music, and I think so does most of the western world. Every second, if not every iPod should have at least one Gaga song and one Beyoncé song… if not, then you’re probably one of those ‘angst towards mainstream’ types (I should know, I’ve been there).

So to summarise that all… Gaga and Queen B are two separate artists who have surpassed many people’s expectations to become some of the most recognised faces of the 21st century. I love them both, and despite their quirks (Gaga) and their choice of mate (Beyoncé) I look up to them as powerful women with amazing paths both in front and behind them.


Oh, and P.S. Check out Beyoncé’s new song ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ on YouTube, or buy it from her website – AUS USA UK

Oops, and P.P.S. why does Miley Cyrus always look constipated or just plain weird in 97% of all the pictures she’s in, or like a total trashy slut/hooker in all her promo pics?

Pictures thanks to JUSTCDCOVER.BLOGSPOT.COM [1, 2]


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