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Music News: 2NE1′s ‘To Anyone’ Track List Released September 6, 2010

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YG News: YG releases girl band, 2NE1’s track list for their anticipated ‘To Anyone’ album on their new website YG-life.

1. Can’t Nobody (title song) Lyricist, Composer, Arrangement: Teddy

2. Go Away (title song) Lyricist, Composer, Arrangement: Teddy

3. Applause/ Clap Your Hands (title song) Lyricist, Composer, Arrangement: e.knock

4. I’m busy Lyricist: Big Tone / Composer: PK, Big Tone / Arrangement: PK

5. Sick (slow) Words and Music : e.knock, Sunwoo Jeong / Arrangement: Jeong- woo

6. Ohh love Lyricist: Masta Wu / Composer: Choice37, Big Tone / Arrangement: Choice37

7. You & I (Park Bom Solo) Lyricist, Composer and Arrangement: Teddy

8. Please Don’t Go (CL & Minzy) Lyricist, Composer, Arrangement: Teddy

9. Kiss (Dara Solo) Lyricist, Composer, Arrangement: Teddy

10. Try with me Lyricist, Composer, Arrangement: Teddy

< bonus tracks >

11. I Don’t Care (Reggae mix) Words and Music: Teddy, e.knock / Arrangement: Jeong- woo

12. Can’t Nobody (Eng. ver) Lyricist: Perry / Composer, Arrangement: Teddy


As you can see, Teddy is to have a major influence on 2NE1’s first full-length album, just as he had a significant influence on their first mini-album. I’m excited to hear how this album sounds!



1. lisameesakasi - September 6, 2010

Minzy looks so pretty 😉

2. Free MP3 music downloads - September 6, 2010

Minzy looks good. nice post

lisameesakasi - September 7, 2010

She does too! And thanks for commenting! 😉

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