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Music Review: 2NE1 / Clap Your Hands September 9, 2010

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Wow, it seems as if all I’ve been talking about recently is 2NE1… okay, I’ll admit it. 2NE1 is all I’ve been talking about recently! But with the comeback of three of YG’s major artists, I’m just so excited! More exciting than Girl’s Generation’s debut in Japan… but, we’ll get back to that later.

The first thing I noticed when I pressed play was damn, it looks so much like ‘Fire (Street)!’ All the girl’s are much skinner in this MV, especially Bom, who’s radical greens-only diet has gotten rid of all that baby fat on her face. Even CL and Dara are looking visually thinner, with distinguished cheekbones, probably highlighted by the unusual amount of makeup they have on. Minzy is looking much older too! At sixteen years old she’s looking much like a woman in this MV!

I just realised now that all girl’s now have different hair colours. Maybe it’s to make them more distinguishable to the audience? Or cooler? I think they’re pulling of the different colours much better than f(x) did in ‘Nu Abo!’ CL is blonde again, sporting a new side fringe. Dara is brunette, as usual, so nothing new there. Just more makeup. The red lipstick is particularly nice! Minzy’s black hair has grown out and she is seen sporting violet-coloured streaks. But it’s Bom’s transformation that had my eyes bugging wide when I first saw them in the teaser photos. In the photos she kind of looked like an alien! But in the MV, she’s pulling it off!

I think the song is an anthem song. There are three significant tones to the song. You’ve got the beginning, with CL, Minzy, and Dara showing off why YG is largely known as an R’n’B, Hiphop and Urban label! Then you’ve got Bom’s upbeat Chorus that makes you want to learn the simple-looking clapping movements and smile. It seems like the kind of song that you sing at a soccer match half buzzed! And then you’ve got the 3rd verse, where the CL-Minzy duo do their dance solos and take me back to my Spanish roots! Very Latin, I think!

Not 2NE1’s most catchy song, but I can’t really judge properly after only 2 listens! I can’t wait for more 2NE1 singles! These girls are just amazing!

And I know I posted it on a previous entry, but here it is. 2NE1’s ‘Clap Your Hands’



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