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Music Review: 2NE1 / Go Away September 10, 2010

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‘Go Away’ was released just 6 hours ago on their 2NE1 youtube channel. As per usual, the hit counter is stuck somewhere on 309, but give it just a few more hours and it’d shoot up to half a million views! Just like ‘Clap Your Hands‘ did, which is currently sitting just under the half a million mark, just a day after it’s release.

‘Go Away’ is a much more serious song with a very real MV. Domestic abuse, cuss words, and drinking. I think that this is the real-est MV ever to be released into the KPOP industry. I mean, seriously! It’s just so real, and the song is just so powerful! The girls, CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom, use this song to showcase their powerful and soulful voices filled with such emotion that it just moves your heart! I think that the ‘Go Away’ MV deals with a lot of taboo issues that the Korean Mainstream Media are just reluctant to touch upon. I really do applaud YG for going out on such a limb here, it’s just so unheard of to see a pop group/artist take such an angle with their songs.

I absolutely adore the whole song! The powerful vocals of the girls coupled with the amazing lyrics, 2NE1 is back. And they’re going to be powerhousing forward for a long time in the future. They have nowhere to look but ahead because that’s one amazing place for them! The MV also shows us just how strong women can be, even if CL has a moment of weakness, she’s human after all! It also shows us the importance of friendship and just how support from the ones we love helps the whole ‘bouncing back’ process until we’re stronger than before! (I’ll refrain from screaming ‘Girl Power’)

This song just shows us, shows me that 2NE1 are just flawless. They are hands down, the best girl group live. They sing, they dance, and don’t rely on their sexuality to make it big, ahem ahem. Instead they rely on talent, hard work, and attitude. They are going to succeed, and who knows, maybe even surpass their sunbae’s, Big Bang, to become one of Korea’s greatest bands and exports. They are amazing! I can’t stop saying that. This song is just so exciting, and just hit a chord with me! The song can make you connect and help you relate. It’s hard to relate to songs about cutesy-love and tiring dances… God damn, this song is amazing!

2NE1 is my number one. I love them and I hope that they just continue doing what they do, because I am starting to acknowledge them as a living legend band. Congratulations, 2NE1, you’re bloody amazing!

And here it is again, one of the best comeback songs of 2010:
2NE1’s ‘Go Away’

PS. I couldn’t really make any sense of the ending, but I think I kind of get it now. I think it has to do with the whole ‘reborn from the ashes’ thing. CL is the phoenix who’s life literally crashes and burns, but from that extreme low she is reborn a stronger, more powerful woman, showing us all just how strong and resilient women are. Okay… I can’t help it, “GIRL POWER!” 😉


1. seconda - October 26, 2010

Wow! Half a million views in a couple of hours! It is a good song indeed!

2. cutiepie1506 - December 3, 2010

omg!!! i luvv 2ne1!!! 😛 they are like the best ever!!! i love you guyz!! especially cl and sandara park! i luv yall’ all!! PEACE!!

3. louise - December 12, 2010

can you trnslate the korean language parts??

lisameesakasi - December 14, 2010

Do you mean the English translation or the romanticised translation?

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