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Music Review: miss A / Bad Girl, Good girl September 19, 2010

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Now, I’m not even going to pretend to lie. I don’t know a single thing about miss A, apart from the next few things:

1. They’re from JYP (obviously, you could tell that even before a friendly voice reminded us with the obligatory, JYP, present at the beginning of every JYP song)
2. There are four members.
3. One member has pink hair.

Now, there has been a lot of recent hype surrounding miss A. What is the hype, you ask? I wouldn’t know, I zoned them out as my current obsession is focused around YG artists, namely 2NE1 and their comeback. I couldn’t be bothered to keep up with these new (to me) girl groups that seem to be flooding kpop sites and YouTube alike. Secret? Rainbow? miss A? They were all the same to me.

However, as I was scrolling through my ‘LKPOP’ page I realised that I did not have a lot of female kpop groups that I not only listened to, but liked. So, thanks to one of the member’s pink hair, I decided to start with miss A first. The first song I happened across was a CF for the Samsung Anycall Campaign, called ‘Love Again.’ It was very so-so. Didn’t really catch my interest. However, I decided to soldier on, because as I experienced with Big Bang, they were very so-so to me when I heard ‘Tell Me Goodbye’ (my first BB experience), but they went on to become one of my favourite kpop artists. In the end, I came across miss A‘s ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl.’

Wow, it’s a very different song. It is definitely unlike many other kpop songs. It’s not crazy addictive like SNSD’s ‘Gee’ and it doesn’t make you gasp like 2NE1’s ‘Go Away.’ It does, however, make you ask yourself ‘why the hell haven’t I listened to them already?’ They are very talented singers and dancers, and the song ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’ just captivated me. Are they the female version of 2PM? No, Wonder Girls have the title. 2AM perhaps? Maybe.

The vocals of the members are very well showcased in this song. They have that different sound reminiscent of all JYP artists. They don’t totally kill (in a good way) lyrics with blindingly amazing vocals like 2NE1’s Bom, or have that sugary sweet voice like SNSD’s Sunny. Instead, they have real vocals that you can connect with at a basic, possibly, primal level. I think that miss A is currently the most similar to American pop acts. (2NE1 is American hip hop/RnB). They have the fashion, look, and vocals down pat. I think that they are very likely to follow their more experienced label mates, Wonder Girls, to America.

 I’ve also been hearing a lot of people comparing miss A to fellow JYP label mates, Wonder Girls. I don’t get how you can compare them. Yes, they do have quite a few similarities, but I find them to be two completely separate bands that have two different styles. I’m not bias to either group, as I caught onto the hallyu wave only this past May (after the ‘Nobody‘ craze happened) and just started looking into miss A an hour or so ago. They’re both doing their part to represent JYP just like 2PM and 2AM have.

The song is definitely one kpop fans should look into. If you’re hardcore into bubblegum pop (SNSD), or the heavily American-influenced hip hop/RnB (2NE1), I’m not sure if this is quite your style. But it’s an amazing song, with four amazing girls. The lyrics are wonderful and I highly recommend you watch, listen, and enjoy their track, ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl!’

It’s classy, fantastic, melodic, and downright amazing.

My Rating: 5/5 look forward to it!

So, here it is. miss A’s ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl:’

P.S.: I just found out their names. Fei, Su Ji/Suzy, Ji Ah/Jia, and Min. These are the names you need to watch out for! And you’re welcome for the break from YG 😉 !


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