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Music Review: SISTAR / Push Push September 20, 2010

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So, I guess what I’m doing now is finally getting around to all the kpop artists that I haven’t been able to get to before. I started with miss A’s ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’ yesterday, and today I’m going to talk about SISTAR’s debut single, ‘Push Push.’ So, from here on out, I’ll try to review artists that I haven’t before. I’m taking a page out of Luminosity‘s book. 😉

The song is quite catchy, not anything like SNSD’s ‘Gee,’ but the ‘Push, Push, Baby’ really gets into your head. Look wise, the group kind of reminds me of an f(x)/T-ARA love child. If they ever had one, to me, it’d probably be SISTAR.

I like the group. They’re cute and has a catchy track with ‘Push Push.’ I’m not really into that whole bubblegum pop scene, but I do appreciate their music. SISTAR, to me, doesn’t seem as if it would stand out. There are dozens of other bands out there with similar sounds, and right now, it doesn’t seem as if they have that element that makes them unique.

4minute has this back alley success reminiscent of CUBE. SNSD has the ability to become sexy and dangerous, while at the same time being sickeningly sweet. Even f(x)‘s Leader, Victoria has her flexibility going for her. 😉 I’m just saying, SISTAR needs to find that element that will make them noticeable in the overflowing crowd of KPOP artists.

I think that the song is alright, not really my taste, but I’m sure that countless other KPOP fans will absolutely love the track!

My Rating: 3.5/5

So, here it is. SISTAR’s ‘Push Push:’

P.S.: The girl who raps (kinda) reminds me of the style of rapping that 4minute’s HyunA does. I like it!


1. 0745932170 - December 7, 2010

i wanna have some fun with sistar girls

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