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LMK: Are You New To The KPOP World? Here’s A Few Thing’s You Should Know September 21, 2010

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Did your plane crash-land into the world of KPOP? Are you still getting acquainted with the multitude of Korean Artists out there? Are you confused about the reaction these groups get from the public? Well, sit back, relax, and let me help you.

The KPOP world is a completely unique one to international fans, especially Western fans. The whole way the world works is totally different and can sometimes take a long time to truly understand. Here are just a few basic things you need to watch out for:

1. FANGIRLS: Okay, the concept of fangirls isn’t exactly foreign, but the way international/national fangirls react to their favoured KPOP group/artist can be totally foreign. I have classed them into different groups based on sanity.

Group 1 – Crazy Fangirls: These are the fan girls who sit in front of their computer and continuously re-watch their favourite KPOP artists on YouTube and fantasise about their future together… and actually believe it will happen (are not to be mistaken with Group 2 Fangirls). They’re vocabulary usually consists of limited Korean words like oppa, saranghae, annyeonghaseyo, etc. These are the girls who leave creepy comments on YouTube (e.g. You know that finger thing that Big Bang’s T.O.P does in ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice?’ Yeah, well, I once read a comment that went a little something like this: Ayaaa! I wish TOP oppa would finger me like that!!!! Saranghae!) It’s one thing to comment about your fake marriage and sex life online, it’s something totally different to send it to your favourite KPOP artists.

Korean fans, ideally, have the best opportunities to do this, but that doesn’t stop international fans from translating their creepy messages on Google Translate and sending it to their beloved. One of the most famous crazy fangirl messages was actually from a Korean girl with nothing better to do but freak the entire world out. Now, you may have heard of this, but if you haven’t, you’ll probably be traumatised by the lengths crazy fangirls go to.

Back in ’09 a crazy Korean fangirl sent 2PM rapper, Ok Taecyeon a fan letter written in her own blood. That’s creepy right? But that’s not where it stops. The blood was not any ordinary kind of blood, it’s the kind of blood that your friend induces once a month. Still not following me? It was period blood. That’s right. She felt that the only way for Taec to really understand the amount of love she had for him was to write to him in her period blood. Gross, I know, but there’s still more. To stand apart from any other girl who thought to write to their Idol in blood, she not only wrote in her own period blood, but she also decided to sprinkle the fan letter in her own pubes.

Group 2 – Dedicated Fangirls: These are the ones who are on every KPOP site known to man (allkpop, kpoplive, gokpop, seoulbeats, k-popped, iloveohkpop, etc.) to look for the latest news about their favourite group/artist. They are also the ones who usually account for 45% of the views of their favourite artist on YouTube. BoA releases a new video on YouTube, it reaches 2 million? I really am comfortable believing that 90,000 of those views are from dedicated fangirls worldwide. (They like the refresh button if you didn’t understand that).

Group 3 – Stupid Fangirls: These are the really just useless fangirls who encourage ANTIs to start hating on their Idols. These are the fans that find unique ways to piss people off. You could be reading an article on your favourite Idol, perhaps MBLAQ, and a stupid fangirl will end up commenting something along the lines of: OMG! I love MBLAQ! esp JOON! Saranghae! beast is so stupid. they jst try to copi MBLAQ. Fucking hate those stupid losrs!

The article may have had nothing at all to do with B2ST, but these stupid fangirls always find a way to bring totally unrelated things into the picture. Stupid fangirls always ignore basic grammar and spelling. They also hold the best kept secrets to offending anyone with a brain. These kinds of comments will usually lead to others commenting an argument. Stupid fangirls will continuously refresh the page just to read the new comments and commenting on them.

Someone smart may say: Why are you bringing B2ST into this? I love B2ST and MBLAQ, they’re both so talented!
A stupid fangirl will reply (sometimes under a different name): b2t sucks! their nothing compared to MBLAQ! they all stupid, cant evn sing!

Here’s another example of a response to a stupid fangirl: o.o why the hell is there arguments about park bom and plastic surgery when that topic isn’t even mentioned in the article?? damn, you people sure can digress (this is actually a real comment from allkpop)

Stupid fangirls give other fans a bad name. Currently, stupid BlackJacks (fans of 2NE1) are causing a lot of trouble by attacking random groups, eg. miss A, SNSD, f(x), Rainbow, etc., and pissing of a hell of a lot of people. These stupid fangirls give real 2NE1 fans a bad name and encourage others to start hating the talented 2NE1.

Group 4 – Sane Fangirls: I like to believe that I’m a part of this group. These are the fangirls who are considerate of other fans and don’t go out of their way to troll other groups. These are the ones, usually with higher intellect and a greater control over grammar and spelling, who are happy to simply support their Idol without being a nuisance or pest. These are the ones who usually have to defend their Idol against stupid fangirls without going crazy (group 1 &  2). These are also the fans who can find a balance between their favourite group/artist and all the other Idols out there who they also enjoy listening to, but don’t exactly love.

And while they may be sane, it doesn’t mean that their love for their Idol is any less than the other types of fangirls. See, personally, I’m in love with Big Bang‘s rapper T.O.P, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go diss other rappers, eg. Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, or MBLAQ‘s Mir. I think that they’re all talented and putting my bias aside, I still think that T.O.P is an amazing and gifted rapper. Get it?

2. ANTIS: Sigh. Every fangirl hates antis. I mean, how can’t you? They’re stupid, petty, and make stupid fangirls look smart. Grammar? They’ve never heard of it. Spelling? What’s that? English? Why speak/write in English when you can use broken Korean instead~?

Antis make a public nuisance out of themselves by trolling the web, purposely searching out their despised object of hatred and laying siege to their name. They use their computer as their main weapon of choice and just give their overall useless opinion to people who just don’t want to hear it. Imagine that obnoxious guy from your high school who always thought he could get any girl he wanted, looked really ugly, and just talked about his (faux) sex life like it was nothing. Remember how you just wanted to tell him to shut the fuck up, but he would just have a really lame comeback? Yeah. That’s the kind of uselessness and stupidness that antis are known for.

Personally, I’m kind of over the idiocy of antis so that’s why this is actually pretty short. Antis defend their opinions by saying things about freedom of speech and blah blah blah. All you need to know is that they’re stupid, useless, and make fans really pissed off.

3. Netizens: Now netizens are even worse than antis, because they actually have power over KPOP Idols. They are temperamental persons, usually Koreans, who can’t decide to support or hate Idols. One of my favourite examples is SNSD‘s Tiffany. On a regular basis Korean netizens criticise Tiffany’s manners, or lack there of. They always use her American upbringing and ignorance of Korean Culture as a basis to attack her. However, recently, Tiffany was complemented about her adorable smile in Japan, and suddenly Korean netizens found themselves agreeing and praising her, totally ignoring all the times when they slammed Tiffany for her ‘plastic surgery.’

Netizens are powerful computer addicts who famously destroyed 2PM‘s former leader, Park Jaebom‘s career. This is probably one of the most famous and controversial stories in the KPOP sphere. I don’t want to get into this because Hottest (2PM fans) are still going on with this issue.

4. Fucking Crazies: This goes beyond crazy fangirls, antis, or netizens. These are simply unhinged people who focus on KPOP Idols. One of the most famous things one of these weirdos did involves DBSK leader Yunho. The incident shocked and horrified not only Cassiopeia (DBSK fans), but other KPOP fans and the entire KPOP Sphere worldwide.

For those of you who don’t know what happened, a fucking crazy mixed orange juice and super glue and gave it to Yunho under the guise of a faithful Cassiopeia. A fucking crazy poisoned the Leader of the most popular group of their time. Yunho didn’t press charges (but I think that has something to do with SME than his own personal choice), and the crazy was never charged. (more)

People like this scare the hell out of me and it’s even scary knowing that there are so many who focus solely on KPOP Idols. I don’t like every Idol out there, but none deserve to be poisoned. They’re people too, and fucking crazy losers should get over their insanity and check themselves into a hospital. It would save us all a whole lot of heartache.

I think that covers the kind of people you’ll get to know when you enter the KPOP world. Beware, take care, and most of all, have fun!

xx KASI~!



1. Amanda - November 10, 2011

Wow this is a great post! So true on all levels!! Haha I’m glad I’m not the only person who loves k-pop but isn’t willing to give up their sanity for it! Thanks for posting 🙂

2. Kyle - November 23, 2011

wow. something that is explained clearly, and makes total sense and is SO TRUE IN REAL LIFE XD
thank you for this! XD i’m gonna share it w/my other friends 🙂

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