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Music Review: Rainbow / A September 22, 2010

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I’m not going to lie. It was a cute song. Probably attracting younger boys with raging pubescent hormones, older men who just learnt how to use the computer for porn, younger girls who love bubblegum pop, and older university-aged girls who can’t let go of their adoration for bubblegum pop.

I simply can’t stand how these girls, and girls from other bubblegum pop groups act so cutesy whilst at the same time being so outwardly sexy. I mean, if you want to be cute, use f(x)‘s ‘Chu’ for inspiration. Don’t put on tiny skirts/shorts, powder your face completely white and wink at the camera. At least 4minute or 2NE1 aren’t in denial about what kind of image and message they’re portraying to the audience. They’re young, attractive girls who aren’t afraid of their sexuality, or expressing it.

I hate this whole ‘giggle, giggle’ scene that these KPOP artists have going on. I remember earlier on in the year, probably in June, when I showed one of my friend’s (who was, and still is completely indifferent to the KPOP sphere) SNSD‘s ‘Oh,’ she couldn’t contain her disgust at the image these girls represent. My friend is not a feminist, or any of that, she’s just another girl who’s experienced and seen for herself the kind of effect celebrities have on young girls.

With 4minute and 2NE1 your parents tell you don’t act like that, and you just know what kind of unwanted attention acting like that gets you. However, with bubblegum pop Idols, their message is just so subconscious that girls don’t even realise the kind of influence they’re being exposed to. Let’s use T-ara‘s ‘Like the Beginning,’ or Lee Hyo Ri‘s more famous ‘U-Go Girl’ as an example. Here girls are told that the only way to truly get a guy is to take off your glasses (because as soon as you do that, you’re bloody gorgeous), change your style to be more girl, pretty, and sparkly, and put on heels. These are sure-to-succeed tiny changes that will get you the man of your dreams… are you kidding me?

I’ve forgotten what I was talking about because I just got sidetracked by E.R. and can’t be bothered rereading all that shibazz.

The song was alright, the girls all looked the same (love to whoever can guess which one looks like a mouse and which one looks like the Korean Courtney Kardashian), the attire was strange, and there was no real personality to either the song or the singers. However, the song itself was not as annoying as the film clip (this is me not having read the translated lyrics).

My Rating: 3.5/5

Introducing, Rainbow‘s ‘A:’



1. muzik dinle - September 22, 2010

Thank You bro.

2. 0745932170 - March 16, 2011

nice girls

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