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Music News: 4Minute Reveals Track List For First Japanese Album November 19, 2010

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Korean girl band, 4Minute, onstage during their promotion tour in Japan between July 31 and August 1, 2010


As we all know, Korean artists/groups have been crossing the sea into Japan for a while now, trying their luck at the lucrative and highly competitive market that is Japan. Some have failed (Super Junior), and done so horribly, while others have shined (Girl’s Generation), scooped up coveted awards (Big Bang), and others have just completely dominated (DBSK). And now, with the recent influx of Korea’s hottest female talent (Girls’ Generation, Kara, etc.), 4Minute are trying their luck.

On December 15th, 4Minute will release their first full-length Japanese album, titled ‘Diamond.’ It will be released in two different versions, the CD Version, and the CD + DVD Version. The CD + DVD Version will contain all the songs from the CD Version, as well as selected, popular, 4Minute music videos.

(read more for track list)

CD Version

1. For Muzik
2. Muzik (Japanese Version)
3. Ba Ba Ba
4. Hot Issue
5. Hide & Seek
6. Who’s Next? (feat. BEAST)
7. HUH
8. Can’t Make Up My Mind
9. What a Girl Wants
10. First
11. I My Me Mine (Japanese Version)
12. Already Gone
13. December


CD + DVD Version

1. Muzik (Japanese Version)
2. I My Me Mine(Japanese Version)
3. HUH
4. First




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