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LMK Update: The Magic Of tumblr November 26, 2010

Posted by lisameesakasi in LMK Update.
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LMK Updates regarding tumblr will now be using the above icon πŸ˜‰

A few days ago I posted about not knowing how to use tumblr in the slightest… but I became intrigued again when my previously mentioned friend slept over my house and spent some time on tumblr. When she went home I sat down at my laptop and typed away, even though I was (and still am) practically on the verge of death (exhaustion, soreness, no will), and discovered a whole new world.

I only signed up (well, resigned-up. I deleted my account, and then recreated it) a few hours ago and I have already posted 37 things. It’s not that it’s addictive, because I know addictive, it’s just fun. Addictive is facebook, interesting is twitter, but tumblr? Now that’s just some good old fashion fun! πŸ˜‰

Check out my tumblr account: lisameesakasi.tumblr.com, and create an account of your own! You won’t regret it!



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