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Hello, my name is Kasi, and I am the blogger behind ‘lisameesakasi‘ and ‘oneseoul.’ For years I’ve been enthralled by Asian culture, music, and history, and just this year I became addicted to the Hallyu Wave. It gripped me and it will probably never let go.

I am a huge fan of Korean music, Idols, culture, and fashion. The whole concept is just so addictive, and for those who haven’t been hooked, they can never understand the power it holds over your life.

Now, this blog (/lisameesakasi) isn’t about first looks and sneak peeks, so don’t come here thinking that it’d have the newest updates about KPOP and the like. This blog mainly deals with my own interests and opinions. My twitter (@lisameesakasi) is usually for thoughts that are too fleeting to formulate into a blog post, and my tumblr (oneseoul) is for the best photoshopped KPOP images and Korean/Japanese fashion pictures I can find and reblog. So, yes, read, comment, subscribe, and become an affiliate!

(since 12 july 2010)





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