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Music Update: Happy Birthday To SHINee’s Minho! December 9, 2010

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A big #happyFLAMINHOday to our resident hottie, SHINee‘s rapper, Choi Minho (it’s trending worldwide on twitter). By Korean standards, he is 20 years old today, but internationally, he is 19.

Happy Birthday Minho!

Music News: Hyped To See Minho’s Upcoming Kissing Scene in “Pianist?” November 26, 2010

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The much anticipated Minho kissing scene in drama, "Pianist"


I really hope that the kissing scene is an actually kissing scene, and not just another boring 5 minutes of watching a still girl’s eyes widen dramatically as a guy kisses her. However, judging by this tumblr pic, it doesn’t seem to be like that at all. I would have uploaded the entire scene in pictorial form, but instead, I’ll give you all a link to where you can see it. Click here for all the goodies.

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