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Movie Review: Tomorrow, When The War Began September 28, 2010

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Movie Review: Karate Kid July 14, 2010

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As promised 2 posts ago, here is my review for Karate Kid.

It was a pretty good movie. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan did not disappoint. Smith reminded me so much of his father, and there were times during the movie when I just couldn’t get over how similar the two are. They look extremely similar and they act the same as well ;). Smith had this youthful innocence about him and had me smiling throughout the movie! Chan, on the other hand, took on a more serious and pessimistic character in this movie. It was unusual to see him so gloomy and not happy and funny, but he played his character quite well! When his back story was revealed, the only reason I didn’t cry was because I told myself that it was too early for tears… and because there was just too much light to do it without being noticed! 😉

The film provided a unique insight into the whole Modern China vs. Imperial China. You had the hustle and bustle of the city and the crowded streets of the suburbs contrasting with the quiet tranquility of the country and peacefulness of the old kung fu temples. Beijing National Stadium (2008 Olympics) vs. the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. It was truly beautiful. It was like a period-movie mixed with a modern city-based Chinese movie!

The 2010 Karate Kid is a remake of the 1984 classic and they both have many similarities (my mum assured me that they used the same moves in the finals!) but there were a few obvious differences. 2010 Karate Kid is based in Beijing, China, whereas 1984 Karate Kid was based in Los Angeles, USA. Also, there was a huge language barrier. In 1984’s movie, everything was in English, in the 2010 version there were plenty of conversations in Chinese. Another major difference is the fact that the protagonist in the 2010 film is learning Chinese kung fu as opposed to the Japanese (or Okinawa-ese, Okinawan?) karate.

What I also liked about the movie was the fact that the creators refrained from using American kids, instead, opting for Chinese children from China. For some reason it was refreshing to hear these kids speak with a thick Chinese accent instead of with an American one. It seems like they wanted the movie to seem as authentic and real as possible!

I recommend the movie. It was a great watch!

PS. (Spoiler alert) Wash on, Wash off, has become: Jacket on, Jacket off!

Hello Brad Pitt’s Face! July 13, 2010

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I know I’ve already posted today, but I just came across something interesting. Brad Pitt’s face! Finally, after what seems like a millenia, the man has shaved off that God-awful beard. Damn man, you’re not Johnny Depp! Pitt has shaved his beard, (and the world rejoices) for an upcoming role in the film Moneyball.

When the 46-year old was asked why he sported the beard for so long, he replied: “boredom.”

Thank you Pitt, now I can look at you without wondering why.


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Movie Review: Predators July 13, 2010

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Today I went to watch the latest installment to the Predators franchise. Predators  (Robert Rodriguez) is your typical late-2000s action movie. There are big guns, big soldiers, big enemies, and as per usual, a romantic relationship between the Alpha Male and the Damsel in Distress (the classic action-movie-formula). I’d say that the movie was alright. If I had a chance to redo today all over again, I’d still go and watch it… however, I think it’s the kind of movie that you tire of after a short while. I’d say 3 watches maximum, and the excitement is over.

It did have a surprising ending, though. Like, it’s obvious that everyone is going to die–it’s just one of those movies. But the twist was pretty cool, I did not see it coming. And on a higher note, Laurence Fishburne‘s short performance was amazing! (Possible spoiler alert) If you were stuck on an alien planet, surrounded by death and carnage for what, 10 years, I’m sure you’d go crazy as well. His insanity was convincing and a real pleasure to watch. Kudos for another amazing, albeit short, performance LF!

Also, there are a few movies that I want to see… badly! We arrived a little late at the cinema, so I just got to see the tail-end of a–can it be–new Resident Evil movie. Now, I am a major fan of the RE franchise and could just die if I don’t see this (possible) movie. I also want to watch the Expendables. It had me jumping out of my seat when I saw the ad! You’ve got the 80s hot shots from the biggest action movies of the time, Stallone (Rocky/ Rambo), Willis (Die Hard), Li (mostly martial arts movies, but damn, all his Americano movies are amazing), and a little Schwarzenegger (Predator, Conon the Barbarian, Terminator), etc. You also have names like Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Terry Crews, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. I want to watch it, now, if possible, but it won’t be coming out until ‘Summer 2010.’ Damn it! 

I also want to watch Knight and Day. I haven’t seen Tom Cruise in a leading role in a film since the last installment of Mission Impossible, I think. I saw him in Tropic Thunder, though, and he was freaking amazing! His latest movie looks good, and it would have been better to have a stronger female lead, but Diaz looks hots so her lacking acting skills don’t really matter. I think she’s there to smile and kiss Cruise, rather than, oh, I don’t know, act.

Karate Kid, now that’s another movie I want to watch! I was going to watch it today, but am most likely going to watch it tomorrow. When I first heard that they were making a remake of the 1984 classic, I was hesitant. I mean, I love Jackie Chan, but Will Smith’s son? Now come on! It’s a well-known fact that children of Hollywood superstars usually, well, bomb. However, as the movie has already made over $US200M (I shouldn’t be going by that as Avatar hit the Billion dollar mark and still sucked!) I think it’s worth at least a second glance. Hopefully it will surpass my already low expectations and high standards.


Movie Review: Clash of the Titans (April) July 12, 2010

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Theatrical Poster - Clash of the TitansWhat can I say about the 2010 fantasy/action movie that has already grossed over $US200M worldwide? [1] It stars Australia’s own self-proclaimed ‘bogan’ Sam Worthington, as Perseus, a demigod and son of Zeus. Now, I had been hesitant to watch the movie in the first place, because I fashion a very intense interest in Greek Mythology, it’s something that I have been in love with for a very long time… and as Hollywood seems to always find a way to crucify the movies based way-back-when, I had almost convinced myself to never watch Clash of the Titans (synopsis) when the undeniable urge to watch a 3D movie hit me, hard. So, off I went to the local cinema to watch a movie I was dead-against watching, in exchange for 3D objects flying at me from the screen. I think it was during the first few introductory lines to the movie that it finally hit me, ‘Kasi, you’re a total idiot. What the F are you doing here?’ But after paying for my ticket, there was no way that I wasn’t going to not watch it!

If you like quick, shallow action scenes, CotT is the movie for you. If you like hot English chicks tumbling around and changing their costumes every second scene, CotT is for you. If you enjoy how a little smudge of dirt on the crown of your nose can make you look ‘worn,’ then CotT is for you. If you love a barrage of accents, ranging from Spanish to English to American and Australian, this is definitely the movie for you! But most of all, if you love watching movies that don’t do Greek Mythology justice, you can’t go wrong by watching CotT.

It was possibly one of the worst movies I have watched at the cinema in the past few months. It was probably on par with the terrible Alice in Wonderland 2010 remake starring Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter. It just frustrates me that Sam Worthington continues to find ways to annoy me! I have watched his three Hollywood ‘super-star’ quality films, Terminator: Salvation, Avatar, and now Clash of the Titans. All three were extreme disappointments. I found that they were shallow, shallow, and… well, would you look at that–shallow. A friend of mine made a remark about Avatar that I cannot discredit, only agree with: ‘Did you notice that Avatar has the exact same story line as Pocahontas?’ I had actually stopped for a second and then had a ‘OMG, that’s so true’ moment. Avatar really is Pocahontas with blue people! But let’s move on, I’m not reviewing Avatar (thank God, we could be here for days!).

Worthington has disappointed me with this film. Slowly, bit by bit I am losing my faith in him. I love supporting Australian movie stars and filmmakers who go overseas to try and further their careers, but Worthington… he can continue to make huge films that gross a lot of money like his previous American movies, but I wont be one of the countless who turn up to buy a ticket to one of his movies. And you know what, I guess he could probably care less, but it sucks that I’m actually dreading the release another one of his movies. He is an actor with incredible talent, and I wish he’d stop wasting it on shallow, quick-fix, Hollywood ‘smashes.’


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