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Music News: B2ST Wins Inkigayo Mutizen Tonight With ‘Beautiful’ December 5, 2010

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Cube Entertainment frontrunners, B2ST, wins tonight's Inkigayo Mutizen Award!


I don’t think it’s that very big of a surprise that B2ST won tonight’s Inkigayo Mutizen! The boys are talented singers, dancers, and overall amazing live performers. B2ST beat out PSY, Kara, 2AM, S.M. The Ballad, Orange Caramel, and Taeyeon and The One to claim first place tonight!


Music News: JYP Ladies Alert! missA Poses With Wonder Girls November 20, 2010

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miss A and Wonder Girls. Wonder A?


Labelmates miss A and Wonder Girls pose together in Taiwan. miss A‘s Min uploaded this twitpic up on her twitter yesterday, displaying the love shared between labelmates. And finally! We always get to see 2PM and 2AM love, and not that I don’t like it, I do, but let’s spice it up!

Check out these other twitpics back in Taiwan!

miss A Messing Around Backstage

miss A's Min, Bad Girl or Good Girl?

Min and Suzy Love


Music News: SMTown, YGFamily, and now JYP Nation? November 11, 2010

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‘JYP NATION’ is now ranked 5th on the trending topics on twitter.

The top 3 entertainment companies in Korea now have their gangster/mob names finalised. Can they get any cooler? What do you think of the name ‘JYP Nation.’ Does it encapsulate and/or epitomise your thoughts when regarding JYP artists?

Twitter: A Translation, LMK-Style, With 2AM’s Changmin November 11, 2010

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Okay, I’ve never translated anything to do with KPOP before, simply because I can barely speak a word of Korean. However, when 2AM‘s Changmin twittered a really easy, elementary update in Japanese, I finally got my chance.

He wrote:

日本語のべんきょうはむずかしいがおもしろいです( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

And then I was like, “yeah baby, two years of Japanese beginners classes have finally paid off!” And translated (word for word, really):

Studying Japanese is hard, but it’s interesting -.-‘

Although, I’m pretty sure that if he had a greater grasp of Japanese he would have written something along the lines of: “I’m currently studying Japanese and it’s so hard! However, it’s really interesting, so I’m gonna’ stick with it. Fighting!”

My life is now complete!

Music News: Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul King Of Twitter? October 10, 2010

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Yeah… the first thing I wondered when I signed onto Twitter and saw the trending topics was, “what the hell? Heechul?” Maybe it’s his birthday, or there was a scandal, or something, anything? But last I heard, he was off holidaying in the U.S. What kind of scandal can he scrounge up in the U.S.? Did he photobomb the President?

I still don’t know why he’s a trending topic on Twitter, and I really don’t know how this can be considered “Music News” worthy, but it just has me baffled. Well, I’m off to go and trend him on Twitter! 😉

The man has been trending for almost 22 hours. Bow down folks.

Heechul (#1) has also made Steamed Buns (#2) a trending topic. If you’re not offering him your young yet, you must be insane!

Kim Hee Chul ftw!!

LMK Update: lisameesakasi Has Now Joined Twitter! October 5, 2010

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