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Theatre Review: Wicked / Sydney (May) July 12, 2010

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A few weeks ago I went to see the amazing theatre production ‘Wicked‘ in Sydney’s Capitol Theatre, and I have to say, I was blown away. It was seriously like watching one of those Disney classics from the 90s like ‘the Little Mermaid,’ or ‘the Lion King‘ come to life. The costumes were so elaborate and were the real life reincarnation of the dresses and clothes the princesses and princes wore in those old fairytale movies. It was like the little girl in me came back to life, invigorated and enthralled.

The first 30mins went by in a magical haze, it was like the show had put me under some kind of spell, I was hooked. However, the magic was broken when leading man Fiyero, played by Rob Mills [1] decided to do his solo. God almighty… his voice cracked. It cracked. On stage. In front of over a hundred people. His. Voice. Cracked. Now, you can coddle him and say, ‘he was under a lot of pressure, it happens to everyone at one point,’ or the ever famous, ‘how about you do it and see if your voice cracks!’ But I’m not a fan of codling. I went to watch a pristine play, just to have that play pissed on by some Australian Idol reject whose only claim to fame is pashing Paris Hilton way back when. It was horrific. And after that event, I couldn’t get back into the magic. The rest of the show was fantastic, but… (sigh).

I found Galinda, or Glinda by the end of the play, played by Lucy Durack [1], to be the most entertaining character. The way the character was scripted and how Durack brought her to life was explosive. “It’s sunrise… ahhhh.” God, she was so funny! I also loved her voice, when she was speaking and singing. When she was speaking everything was funny, both due to her lines and well, her voice. She was everything a Disney Princess should be! Elphaba, played by (when I watched it) Jemma Rix [1], was also very entertaining, but was not my favourite character in the play (that spot is reserved for Galinda!). Also, her voice was more… mainstream than theatre. Her songs weren’t as Disney-ish as Galinda’s and instead of holding the notes she did the Mariah Carey ‘ah-uh-ah-uh-ahhhhhhh.’ Hmm, but maybe that was the appeal of the character and I missed the point?

Any who, the show was fantastic (excluding Rob Mills and Bert Newton‘s Kermit the Frog impression when singing ‘Wond-uurr-ful’) and I recommend everyone to watch it! Whether it’s in Australia, USA, the UK, or Japan! Just watch it! It’ll give you a whole new outlook on the Wizard of Oz, and make you laugh like crazy! Trust me when I say that your skin will tingle and your hair will stand on edge when the cast begins to sing!


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