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Music Review: BIGBANG / Beautiful Hangover And Other YG Pals August 30, 2010

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YG has been pretty busy these days! With the comeback of several of their artists, eg. SE7EN (Better Together/Ed. vers., Digital Bounce), Taeyang (alb. Solar, I’ll Be There), T.O.P. (Turn it Up) etc. YG has been busy promoting several of their artists. The release of SE7EN’s first single ‘Better Together’ in over 3 years, on July 21st on his official SE7EN youtube channel was well received, but even just over a month later, the song hasn’t quite yet hit the 1 million mark, but instead is currently sitting at a respectable 355k. I liked the song, it has a very mellow beat that makes you want to close your eyes and lose yourself in a dance and world where only you exist. Something that also caught my, and many other fans’ eyes, were the very cool and very sexy Beats by Dr Dre headphones. Amazing! I think that they kind of stole the show!

Taeyang’s ‘I’ll Be There‘ was released on August 19 on his YGTAEYANG youtube channel. His comeback has had an extremely favourable response by fans, hitting the 1.5 million mark in just under two weeks. I find this song, personally, to be very similar to SE7EN’s ‘Better Together.’ They both have that electronic beat and edge, as well as that very mellow chorus that makes you want to close your eyes… etc. It’s a good song, and the film clip has that typical mid-year YG feel, but it’s just not my style. I’m sure many Taeyang fans loved it, espcially with his glistening body, and TY-dance moves on show, but I seriously enjoy his song ‘I Need A Girl‘ better!

The release of T.O.P.’s first solo single ‘Turn It Up’ was released on the YG youtube channel on June 17, little over a month ago, and is currently a few thousand views shy of 2 million, at 1.98 million views right now. T.O.P. is a very sexy man, with a very good voice, and his single and MV showcased this, but the song was kind of half way there for me. The song had the same beat throughout the song, there weren’t any significant changes, and I think that’s what let me down. And there was also another major issue, the girls… Now, I know YG likes to put in good looking chicks to make their male artists seem more attractive, but come on! Couldn’t they get attractive ones… that could dance?! It was really horrible to see the females that were on display, especially the Western ones. Shesh, YG, at least throw in a fellow labelmate! Bom would have been better, both as a singer and look wise! Oh, and one more  thing. That ‘dance’ that T.O.P. did… I hope he never does it again! It’s tragic and very hard to look at.

NEWS: I just happened to be searching for pictures to paste and I came across an article on POPSEOUL and I read a comment: CC: LMAO!!! This is exactly like Jay-z’s “on to the next one” video. XD” (link). So I watched the vid (link) and it freaking is! Concept and beat and everything! I’m wondering if YG has been asked about plagiarism for another one of their artists… more specifically, another one of the BIGBANG artists.

Now, the comebacks and debuts of any of YG’s artists cannot compare to the BIGBANG comeback. ‘Beautiful Hangover’… I love it. I seriously just love it. I’m not the biggest fan of their other Japanese singles (Tell Me Goodbye, Let Me Hear Your Voice), but BH just got me! The MV for the track was released on August 24th on YG’s Youtube channel, and has just past the half a million mark (should be triple that!). The members are all looking fabulous, and I am enjoying Daesung’s new hairstyle, and the song just speaks to me! The beat is very catchy, as well as the chorus! The song has a mixture of Japanese and English lyrics, with Seungri, Daesung and Taeyang singing in a mixture of English and Japanese, and G-Dragon and T.O.P. rapping exclusively in English. The song is seriously amazing! I don’t care if their Japanese and English is still a tad questionable, I absolutely love the song and recommend anyone and everyone to listen to the track and watch the MV!

Here it is. BIGBANG’s ‘Beautiful Hangover:’

YG NEWS: YG girl group 2NE1 is currently shooting their MV for their anticipated comeback scheduled on September 9th! The girls will be coming back with their single ‘Go Away,’ and “they should be finished with filming by tomorrow (31st).” (link) Can’t wait for that!

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