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LMK Update: I’m Back, Baby! November 9, 2010

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This has everything to do with point 4., so until you read that point, this is for your collective viewing pleasure. Super Junior performing ‘No Other’ live.

P.S., I was like, ‘oh, Sungmin went blonde?’ But then I realised it wasn’t him. Then I thought ‘what the hell is Dongwoon doing in a SUJU performance, too weird… or maybe it’s a backup dancer… but they have 10 active members, why the hell do they need any backup dancers?’ I paused on his face and after completing the strenuous process of elimination I was like, ‘Oh! It’s Heechul!’ Nice. Just thought I’d share some good times! If I had just watched the whole thing through I would have realised who it was when Heechul does his solo bit. Sigh.

P.P.S., Yesung was really cute during the ‘No Other’ promotions. Ryeowook too. And Sungmin and Ryeowook are just too cute in this vid during the ‘Sorry, Sorry’ part. So, yeah… 😉


Music Review: Super Junior / No Other (BONAMANA) July 15, 2010

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Recently, Super Junior has released their latest track, No Other, to promote the release of their repackaged album of BONAMANA. The new album will have four news songs, including No Other, All My Heart, A Short Journey, and Shake it Up (Remix).

Their newest song has a very different flair to the rest of the BONAMANA album. It presents Super Junior in a very cutesy way, in an innocent atmosphere. This directly contrasts with the title song of the album, BONAMANA, and other popular songs like BOOM BOOM. It shows that whilst the boys can be complete sexy bad boys, they also have a huge heart and an allowance for romance. The film clip is without shadows, black, and eyeliner, instead they’re dressed in whites and pastels with huge smiles.

Their new album and current 10 members allows the audience to hear longer verses from several different members. BONAMANA has introduced members like Heechul to more singing opportunities, and the return of raps from member Eunhyuk. However, this increase in verses has not been very kind to member, Sungmin. Sungmin is considered one of the three power singers of the group (including Yesung and Ryeowook), however, his solos are few and far between, and are usually forfeited to seemingly more popular member, Kyuhyun. And whilst I do love Kyuhyun, I hate that Sungmin, who is a wonderful singer, has the same singing time as members like Siwon and Heechul.

No Other, somehow reminds me of a song that should have come from their first album. I find it to be hugely westernised and reminiscent of past American boy bands. To be honest, I don’t really like the song. I was hooked to the new BONAMANA concept where the boys did their bad boy smirks, thrust their hips, and showed a lot more skin… and No Other? Meh. I’m sure after a while it will draw me in because I truly love Super Junior… but until then I’ll think that it’s an average song from an amazing album.

So, here it is. Super Junior’s No Other:

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