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Music News: YG Dominates The Comeback Scene. Get To Know The Choreographers Who Trained Our Favourite YG Artists For Their Comeback With WWLyna! September 19, 2010

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(L to R: Shaun Evaristo, Keone Madrid, SE7EN, Mariel Martin)


For 3 years we’ve been waiting for SE7EN‘s comeback and his reintroduction to the kpop scene, and when he stunned us with his comeback song ‘Better Together’ and his follow-up single, ‘Digital Bounce’ we all remembered why we adored the handsome singer.

The same goes for popular girl group, 2NE1. They took the kpop scene by storm when they released their 1st Mini Album last year, captivating their audience with their hits songs, ‘I Don’t Care,’ ‘Fire,’ ‘Try To Copy Me,’ etc. So after a short break they came back stronger than ever with their smash hit album, ‘To Anyone,’ that has since gone on to become possibly the greatest comeback album of the year.

YG artists are known for their stylish hip hop styled dance routines, and recently blogger WWLyna was able to catch up with the choreographers behind SE7EN‘s ‘Digital Bounce’ (Keone Madrid) and 2NE1‘s ‘Clap Your Hands,’ ‘Go Away’ and ‘Can’t Nobody’ (Mariel Martin).


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