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Music Update: Happy Birthday To SHINee’s Minho! December 9, 2010

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A big #happyFLAMINHOday to our resident hottie, SHINee‘s rapper, Choi Minho (it’s trending worldwide on twitter). By Korean standards, he is 20 years old today, but internationally, he is 19.

Happy Birthday Minho!

Music News: Hyped To See Minho’s Upcoming Kissing Scene in “Pianist?” November 26, 2010

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The much anticipated Minho kissing scene in drama, "Pianist"


I really hope that the kissing scene is an actually kissing scene, and not just another boring 5 minutes of watching a still girl’s eyes widen dramatically as a guy kisses her. However, judging by this tumblr pic, it doesn’t seem to be like that at all. I would have uploaded the entire scene in pictorial form, but instead, I’ll give you all a link to where you can see it. Click here for all the goodies.

Music News: SM To Debut New Collaborative Project Titled ‘S.M. The Ballad’ This November November 19, 2010

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SM Entertainment's Newest Project, 'S.M. The Ballad'


Recently, it was announced that Korean super company, SM Entertainment would be unveiling a new projectΒ  “that will give birth to an even better ballad genre.

S.M. The Ballad‘ is a collaborative effort between several SM power singers with Jay/Typhoon (TRAX), Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Jonghyun (SHINee), and SM rookie, Jino. These singers are known for their powerful and moving vocals, and Jino, whilst still being a relatively unknown treasure, he has been working hard for the past 2 years to participate in such a project, and has pushed himself to make sure that he is up to par with the other extremely talented vocalists featured in ‘S.M. The Ballad.’

S.M. The Ballad‘ will be releasing its first album, titled ‘Really Missing You’ on November 26th.



LMK Update: I’m Back, Baby! November 9, 2010

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This has everything to do with point 4., so until you read that point, this is for your collective viewing pleasure. Super Junior performing ‘No Other’ live.

P.S., I was like, ‘oh, Sungmin went blonde?’ But then I realised it wasn’t him. Then I thought ‘what the hell is Dongwoon doing in a SUJU performance, too weird… or maybe it’s a backup dancer… but they have 10 active members, why the hell do they need any backup dancers?’ I paused on his face and after completing the strenuous process of elimination I was like, ‘Oh! It’s Heechul!’ Nice. Just thought I’d share some good times! If I had just watched the whole thing through I would have realised who it was when Heechul does his solo bit. Sigh.

P.P.S., Yesung was really cute during the ‘No Other’ promotions. Ryeowook too. And Sungmin and Ryeowook are just too cute in this vid during the ‘Sorry, Sorry’ part. So, yeah… πŸ˜‰


Music News: SHINee’s “Hello” Promo Pics Unveiled October 5, 2010

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Music News: SHINee Releases Comeback “Hello” MV October 4, 2010

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Music News: SHINee Releases New ‘Hello’ Teaser On YouTube September 30, 2010

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Super Junior‘s ‘Nother Other’ SHINee style?

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