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Music News: f(x)’s Krystal Faints On Stage November 28, 2010

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f(x)'s Krystal Faints On Stage


Yesterday, f(x)‘s active members were performing their set at a Lotte Duty-Free Family Concert when Krystal suddenly fainted. Fellow SM Idol, Wheesung, rushed onto the stage to calm the crowd. Krystal was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

An SM representative  stated, “Krystal wasn’t feeling well that day, and her stress made her fall unconscious. The hospital told us there was nothing wrong with her, and Krystal herself confirmed it. She is resting now.”


Of course, the girls are currently working on their new album, but ‘fainting’ is a kinder way of saying, ‘Krystal lost consciousness during a performance,’ or ‘she was overworked to the point of blacking out.’ These girls, like most other KPOP Idols, are pushed by their company to give and give and give, until, like Krystal, they can’t give anything, any more.

Be worried for Krystal. I am.

Music News: Hyped To See Minho’s Upcoming Kissing Scene in “Pianist?” November 26, 2010

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The much anticipated Minho kissing scene in drama, "Pianist"


I really hope that the kissing scene is an actually kissing scene, and not just another boring 5 minutes of watching a still girl’s eyes widen dramatically as a guy kisses her. However, judging by this tumblr pic, it doesn’t seem to be like that at all. I would have uploaded the entire scene in pictorial form, but instead, I’ll give you all a link to where you can see it. Click here for all the goodies.

LMK Update: tumblr Fail. November 24, 2010

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So, basically, there are Facebook Fails, Twitter Fails, and now there are tumblr Fails… well, at least for me. I was over at my friend’s house the other day and she was on her tumblr account, and I thought it looked pretty cool… so, I tried it out when I got home. I had, and still have, no freaking idea how to work tumblr. I really can’t wrap my head around it. So, tomorrow when said friend comes over, I’m going to force her to teach me how to navigate around that tricky site. tumblr has some fantastic pictures of Idols and I need to get in on this shizz!

So, until then…

Mission tumblr: In progress

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